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Safety is the foundation.

Hope is the catalyst.

Healing is the path we make.

Safety, Hope, & Healing Counseling and Consulting specializes in supporting children, adults, families, schools, and organizations in responding to and recovering from experiences of trauma and loss.  





"I have truly learned so much from you, and so appreciate the kindness and brilliance you brought to all of our discussions. My colleague and I regularly reference you and ideas you’ve shared with us. You have absolutely helped me to be a better clinician and leader, and hopefully help the team to feel more informed and empowered to support our folks."


– Clinician participating in Organizational Consultation

"I am so grateful for your willingness to help my family. Everyone found your strategies, insights, and just general presence so helpful. They also said they just haven’t heard certain things described the way you described them. This is definitely a hard climate to navigate mental health services and I really feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to have you help."


- Family participating in Consultation/Critical Incident Response

"You have helped us to think about the response to Trauma from both practical and theoretical perspectives. This enriches the scale of our conceptualization from the broader contexts of society, to the brain, to specific interventions that may help this person in this moment. To be able to respond from these angles has been hugely helpful."


- Clinician participating in Organizational Consultation

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