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Clinical Consultation
After Trauma or Loss

Often people do not need or do not know whether they need ongoing counseling after a loss or a potentially traumatic event.  Clinical consultation is generally one to three sessions during which we discuss reactions, strategies for symptom reduction, and guidance and bridging for ongoing services when necessary.    

Specific areas of focus for consultation include suicide loss, overdose loss, and recent traumatic experiences.  

Consultation services are currently only offered virtually and are private pay with a sliding scale.


Neurosequental Model of Therapeutics (NMT)

In addition to more traditional forms of consultation Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) Assessments are available.  

Developed by Dr. Bruce Perry, the NMT is an evidence-based, “trauma-informed,” and brain-based approach to clinical problem solving.

In many situations, children who exhibit unhealthy and difficult behaviors (acting out, aggression, self-harm, sleep disturbances, and struggles with regulating emotions), have brain development challenges that can be addressed with proper intervention. The NMT provides the structure to identify experiences that may have impacted a child’s developing brain.


The goal of NMT is to provide an assessment of the child, determine primary problems, identify key strengths and apply interventions in a way that will help family, educators, and therapists to best meet the needs of the child.


The NMT recognizes that brain development follows a sequential pattern and incorporates current research regarding the effects of adverse experiences on a child’s brain development. Through NMT, a model is provided to assess neurological disorganization and help identify developmentally appropriate interventions.


By targeting deficits within the brain utilizing NMT’s brain mapping, clinicians are better equipped to identify more effective therapeutic, environmental, and relational treatment approaches. These approaches have been found to effectively increase bonding and attachment, assist in regulating one’s emotions, and managing unhealthy behaviors.


NMT services include:

  • A comprehensive initial consultation

  • Clinical abstract that highlights all pertinent developmental, medical, and historical data

  • Initial NMT Metric that highlights the client’s unique brain map

  • Professional staffing with external providers to review NMT metric results that help direct recommendations for therapeutic, educational and enrichment activities

  • Family consultation to review metric components

  • 3-month follow up NMT assessment (additional metrics available upon request)

  • Additional services, including therapy, may be available upon request and based on availability

NMT Sample brain map_edited.jpg
Sample NMT Brain Map
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